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/*Sing The Songs You Hope Rhyme...*/

/*Just To See Him Smile...*/

♥Betrayed Soul♥
25 October
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Hmm.. about me? Umm.. I'm a guy from the valley! It sucks down here!! My info box always changes because I get bored so I always fix it with something else..! I'm fun and stuff. Like to hang out and my journal is FRIENDS ONLY!! So Leave A COMMENT!!

♥Boys Kissing Boys Is LOVE♥

Ginger Snaps is sisterly Lycan ♥.

Mean Girls are Plastic ♥.

by _caughtxfire

This Journal Is:
Friends ONLY!!

adamo ruggiero, america's next top model, amy lee, arch enemy, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bikini kill, black, black and red, boys, boys who cry, boys who wear eyeliner, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, cars and calories, cheesy slasher flicks, chinese food, chris carrabba, christina ricci, claire, clothes, crazy hair, crazy makeup, crazy outfits, cynthia, dashboard confessional, degrassi, disposable cameras, early morning trips, eliabeth, ellie nash, emo, eva ammuri, evanescence, family guy, fire, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, futurama, garbage, gay guys, geeky guys, german girl pia, ghost world, h.i.m., halloween, halloweentown, halo friendlies, hawthorne heights, heatherette, hopesfall, horror movies, hot boys, hot emo boys, hot topic, isabelle, jack skellington, jessica biel, kidneythieves, kittie, kitty's, late night phone calls, late night trips, lindsay lohan, love sick, madtv, marco del rossi, matchbook romance, my chemical romance, mystical things, naps, nerdy guys, nicole ritchie, norelle, otep, over, paris hilton, party monster, posters, pretty hair, queer as folk, quinn from the used, rammstein, red, ropa usada, ryan renolds, saved, saves the day, scarlett johansson, sexy guys, slipknot, snl, something corporate, stacey farber, stars, static-x, stewie griffin, straws, suicide hotlines, sushi, sweep, the ataris, the donnas, the nightmare before christmas, the sick lipstick, the trio, the used, thora birch, thrift stores, trips, vampire movies, walls of jericho, water, weird dreams, welovenorelle, weslaco, zombie movies,